Parcel El Espinillo - Malbec 2017

Crisp, herbal and fruity, this surprising, single-parcel Malbec wine wonderfully encapsulates the fresh magic of the Andes. It is created from the in transition to organic grapes which grow among the clouds in our very highest vineyard, 1650m above the sea. On the fan of the Las Tunas River in Gualtallary, Uco Valley, our El Espinillo vineyard is set apart by its sandy, loamy soil and low temperatures, which vary widely across the steep mountainside. With notes of lemon verbena and thyme, entwined with flavors of peach and grapefruit zest, this Argentina Malbec perfectly reflects its unusual high-altitude terroir.
Aging potential
15 years
Alcohol level
Serve at
14°C - 57°F

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This Malbec from Argentina is an intense, lively and complex aromatic varietal expression with notes of violets and herbs, fresh coconut and mustard.Very aromatic, fluid and well-balanced. It is crispy with beautiful acidity and tension.
ecxlusive, precise, identitary
  • Dry
  • Silky
  • Full bodied

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How to pair Parcel El Espinillo 2017


Ideal to pair with red and game meats either grilled or slow-cooked, as well as semi-mature cheese and spicy but not too hot food.

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