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Terrazas de los Andes' journey towards the convergence of sky and earth began in the 90s when a team of winemakers and agronomists ventured into unexplored territories: the extreme heights of the Andes. Equipped with scarce tools, this team set out to create fresh wines, representative of the most extreme regions of this magical mountain range. It was then, due to their tireless pursuit of the ideal altitude to capture the magical freshness of the mountain, that they became part of history.

Today, Terrazas de los Andes cultivates a mosaic of more than 200 high-altitude vineyard plots, using a precision irrigation system that minimizes the use of water from the Andes glaciers. With Malbec as the focal point of this vision, Terrazas de los Andes creates full-bodied wines that are both aromatic and elegantly fresh.

The adventure continues: At Terrazas de los Andes, we believe that new oenological frontiers are ready to be discovered.
People of Terrazas de los Andes at the red wine Malbec winery in Mendoza, Argentina.


Moet & Chandon arrives in Argentina

The legendary winery opens its first subsidiary outside of France in Argentina, making history as the first ever French winery investment in Latin America.


A longstanding history

As of the late 1980’s, most of the vineyards in Mendoza were producing conventional wines in the warm Eastern and Northern regions.


Transforming Horizons in Argentine Viticulture

Anticipating the opportunity to transform the Argentine wine industry, Chandon's president, Jean-Pierre Thibaud, forms a team of young agronomists and winemakers to lead an innovative project. Their tireless insistence on exploring never-before-traveled regions led this team to achieve goals that once seemed unattainable.


1991 - 1995 A Mission That Took Years

Team members explored the base of the Andes, using a traditional military altimeter to investigate the influence of altitude on terroir. There, they rediscovered Las Compuertas, one of the oldest vineyards in Mendoza, and the Uco Valley, where they began planting at altitudes never before imagined.


Terrazas de Los Andes is born

The year 1996 ushered in a new elegant style of Malbec as the first vintage of Terrazas de Los Andes Reserva.


An Industry Milestone

By the turn of the century, Terrazas de Los Andes was leading in fine wine exports from Argentina.


The Drinks Business Green Awards

Our commitment to sustainability is internationally recognized in the "THE DRINKS BUSINESS GREEN AWARDS," having received the "Water Management Award" for water management.


Wine Spectator Top 100 - Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021

We are immensely proud to receive this outstanding recognition on Wine Spectator's list of the top 100 wines of 2023: Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021, distinguished with a rating of 92 points, ranks at number 30.

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We inherited our passion from the pioneers of French-influenced Argentinian winemaking, and assembled a team of wide-ranging talent and abundant enthusiasm, all in the service of excellence. We’re ambitious and intentional with a shared adventurous spirit– and each of us plays an essential role in ensuring the consistent style and quality of our wines.

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Born where the earth meets the sky, Terrazas de los Andes wines magically capture the pure, fresh taste of the Andes in Argentina. Cultivated in unique terroirs, in harmony with the mountain life we guard, our high-altitude Argentinian wines are layered, yet surprisingly elegant and bright. Come and explore the wines of our breathtaking mountain world.
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Discover our wines