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Terrazas de los Andes

The land of Malbec

Make a journey to discover
the treasures of Argentinian terroir

The land of Malbec

Our land

Surrounded by the high peaks of the Andes, our vineyards are located in the heart of Mendoza’s Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley.
Our wine is the story of our bond with the land, and the orchestration of extreme forces of nature to create a unique harmony.

Where scarcity leads to generosity

The high-altitude climate, with its low rainfall, rocky soil, and lack of organic elements in the ground, forces vines to work hard for hydration and nutrients.

As a result, our grapes develop vivid, intense flavors.

Where scarcity leads to generosity

Where altitude leads to intensity

High altitude means warm, sunny days for grapes to flourish, followed by cold nights that slow down their ripening. It also limits acidity.

Each variety is associated to a specific altitude and is cultivated over terraced vineyards. This process helps produce the purest expression of each wine.

Where altitude leads to intensity

The Malbec story

Thriving in the unique natural conditions of the Andean Mountains, Malbec has come to embody Argentinian identity.
Our Malbec wines epitomize generosity and intensity, offering a large variety of expressions and high-quality tannins. They are particularly appreciated for their silkiness and ample mouthfeel.

The Malbec story

Our Vineyards

After carefully considering different land characteristics, we selected our parcels to reveal the aroma of each grape variety.
Each parcel is segmented in sub-blocks so as to precisely consider the slightest variations, adapt and improve our viticultural practises. We are therefore able to achieve the best quality of each "micro-terroir", optimising fruit expression and wine precision.

El Yaima

In the south

This vineyard is located in the department of San Carlos, in the Uco Valley region. It is named for the irrigation channel that brings water to the vineyards: El Yaima means "big channel" in the indigenous language.

Los Castaños - Parcel 2 W

The most luxuriant

This vineyard is located in Paraje Altamira, in the district of La Consulta and the southern region of the Uco Valley. Planted in 1945, the terraced vineyard is known for producing expressive Malbec wines.
Large chestnut trees (Castaños in Spanish) dot the vineyard, inspiring the property's name.

El Pedregal

The rockiest

Large boulders are visible across the land. Some were so massive that they couldn't be removed and were buried on site. In Spanish, the name Pedegral refers to this rocky feature.
The vineyard is located in Paraje Altamira, district of La Consulta, department of San Carlos, in the southern region of the Uco Valley.


Land of the rolling stones

The vineyard's name comes from the native Mapuche language and refers to the rolling stones from the mountains.
Located in the district of Chacayes, department of Tunuyán in the Uco Valley, it is one of our smallest parcels, but it benefits from high plant density.


Closest to paradise

Once again the parcel's name comes from the native Mapuche language: Caicayén refers to the place where paradise is located, between mountain and sun.
This vineyard is located in the district of Gualtallary, department of Tunuyán, in the northern region of the Uco Valley.

El Espinillo

The highest one

El Espinillo is located at the highest part of the renowned appellation of Gualtallary, department of Tupungato, Uco Valley, being the highest productive estate so far in the area. Parcel N°1 East of El Espinillo, planted in 2008 at the extreme altitude of 1630 meters (5,347 ft) has an amazing gravelly, rocky and alluvial soil, full of limestone. The distinct cold climate together with the substantial calcareous soil confer to this Malbec a unique expression.

Los Aromos

Land of Cabernet

Los Aromos terrace is an old vineyard with more than 20 years of experience producing Cabernet Sauvignon. It is recognized worldwide for its continental expression (with no maritime influence).
It is located in the district of Perdriel, department of Luján de Cuyo, on the southern bank of the Mendoza river.

Las Compuertas

The Jewel in the Crown

Planted in 1929, this is our oldest and most prestigious parcel, dedicated to the production of the finest and most expressive Malbec wines.
Located in the district of Las Compuertas, department of Luján de Cuyo, the name Las Compuertas comes from the first waterworks built during the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata in 1785: the “Toma de los Españoles” dam.

Los Cerezos Parcel 10 W

The fruit garden

This vineyard's name refers to the luxuriant cherry trees (Cerezos in Spanish) that share the plot with the old Malbec plants. The trees are reminiscent of the intense red fruit of the wine produced there.
It is located in Las Compuertas vineyard, in the department of Luján de Cuyo.


The most extreme

Located around Salta, one of the highest grape growing regions of the world, the parcel benefits from extreme altitude, aridity (you can observe cactuses along the vines), and sun exposure.
This is the land of Torrontés Riojana Torrontés Riojano, a very fruity wine which is considered to be the finest expression of this province.

537 ha

Our parcels stretch over 1300 acres, the size of Lower Manhattan

925 km

Our northernmost and southernmost parcels are located 575 miles apart, the distance between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City

Our Winery

A pioneering spirit rooted in history,
kept alive on our land.

Our Winery


The so-called "French grape" Malbec is brought to Argentina
by Michel Aimé Pouget.


The current winery is built by Sotero Arizu, one of the pioneers in the production
and commercialisation of the Argentinian wines.


Our oldest vineyard Las Compuertas is planted at 1070m,
to produce the ultimate expression of Malbec.


Moët & Chandon opens its first subsidiary outside of France, at Mendoza :
the first ever Latin America's French winery investment.


Over 35 years of winemaking experience give birth to Terrazas de Los Andes.The first two wines are launched
in 1999 are Malbec Reserva & Gran Malbec (that will become Single Vineyard in 2010).


Launch of Parcel N.2W & N.10W


The IWSC named Terrazas de los Andes Argentine Wine Producer of the Year and awarded Terrazas Parcel N°2W Los Castaños Malbec 2013 the 2018 Malbec Trophy