Sutentabily Bodegas de Argentina certified logo. Terrazas de los Andes achived the certification in all our vineyards.

Sutentabily Protocol Bodegas de Argentina


Verification of the carbon footprint measurement of Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021 logo. Terrazas de los Andes achived the certification in all our vineyards.

DNV Verification of the carbon footprint measurement of Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021


Certificación de Terrazas de los Andes, Mendoza, Argentina de la norma ISO 14001

ISO 14001


Preserving the natural resources

Water optimization

In arid Mendoza, our most precious resource is the pure water from the Andes glaciers. With water scarcity in mind, we are deeply committed to responsible usage. Climate change poses a threat to these glaciers, further exacerbating water scarcity. To address this issue, we have transitioned to precision drip irrigation methods, resulting in a remarkable +60% reduction in water usage compared to competitors who employ traditional flood irrigation techniques. Our approach involves comprehensive analyses of soil water retention capacity, plant water requirements, and leverages the expertise of our team.
Water used
Switching from flood to precision drip irrigation three decades ago, we cut water usage by 63% compared to traditional methods
Are dedicated each vintage to monitoring the water need of grapevines.
m3 / year
of water is saved thanks to our precision irrigation compared to traditional methods


Glaciers for Life

In the face of the water crisis in Mendoza and Argentina, we propose the development of "Glaciers for Life" in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, the Argentine Institute of Snow, Glaciology, and Environmental Sciences (IANIGLA), the Cricyt Foundation, and the Mendoza River Water Conservation Fund. This comprehensive program aims to support the conservation of snow cover, rivers, and Andean glaciers in Argentina. It integrates scientific research, assistance in developing concrete solutions in the industry, educational activities, and global-level communication.




collaborative projects

Mitigating our climate impact

Carbon footprint measurement and reduction

As guardians of mountain life, it is our responsibility to reduce our greenhouse gasses, to preserve life of our fragile magical environment. Therefore, we measure the global carbon footprint of our activity, and we act to reduce it.

Vista de un impresionante viñedo rodeado de naturaleza montañosa. Como protectores de este frágil y mágico entorno, asumimos la responsabilidad de reducir nuestras emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero y medir nuestra huella de carbono global como parte de nuestra labor de conservación.
Our objectives
In the face of the climate emergency, Terrazas de los Andes is committed to an ambitious goals in terms of reduction of GHG:
We are committed to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within our operations while partnering with stakeholders across the value chain by 2030. Our strategy relies on two pillars: Measurement, to assess our environmental impact, and Action, outlined in a roadmap with key initiatives and KPIs, ensuring substantial progress towards our sustainability goals. In essence, our commitment blends measurement and action for a more sustainable future.
Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021 Carbon Footprint Measurement
We have meausred and certified the carbon footprint of our core product Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021, and compared it to the Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2019 carbon footprint.
Reduction of CO2 emissions due to initiatives taken in the production process of Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021 vs Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2020
Sutentabily Bodegas de Argentina certified logo. Terrazas de los Andes achived the certification in all our vineyards.
Verification of the carbon footprint measurement of Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2021 logo. Terrazas de los Andes achived the certification in all our vineyards.

Mitigating our climate impact

Eco Design: Reduction of our carbon footprint

As part of the action plan in different pillars to reduce our global carbon footprint, strengthening former initiatives, we have decided to drastically switch all our Reserva products to light weight bottles (<400gr). Starting in Europe & Canada in 2021, and then in the rest of the world in 2023.
Other initiatives
Light weight bottles led the reduction of almost a quarter of CO2 emissions in RVA MB v2021 vs v2020

Other initiatives

Environmental performance analysis own kpi on eachnew product development.
Certified inputs. all our cardboard inputs are certified fsc (responsible forestry)
Resized packaging. all our shippers are sized to maximize bottles per pallet
Dividers. RTS cardboard dividers

Mitigating our climate impact

Energetic Efficiency Program

In line with our unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and our role as guardians of mountain life, we've launched an energy efficiency program, featuring initiatives like installing 62 thermal solar panels on our winery's roof to heat water for our processes. In 2023, we're reinforcing our dedication with the implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System. Collaborating with the Fundación Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, we're scrutinizing key process consumption to enhance efficiency and identify energy-saving opportunities. We've transitioned to 100% LED lighting and introduced the Green Office Program to optimize energy use in our administrative processes, embodying our holistic approach to sustainability.
ISO 50.001 Standards certified logo. Terrazas de los Andes achived the certification in all our vineyards.
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Mitigating our climate impact 

Waste Management

We recycle 97% of our solid waste, including vineyard and winery waste, and treat and reuse all Terrazas de los Andes winery wastewater for irrigation. Our commitment to a circular economy includes donating plastic straps to a local penitentiary for crafting, returning materials to suppliers for reuse, and selling recyclable waste.

Engaging our local communities

Responsible consumption

Aligned with our sustainability vision, we are dedicated to promoting responsible and enjoyable wine consumption, emphasizing the harmonious balance between wine appreciation and health. This commitment is formalized in our internal policy and reinforced through various training programs, including welcoming processes, responsible consumption training, and educational integration. We also host events focused on responsible consumption, such as providing transportation alternatives, offering non-alcoholic options, and setting limits on the number of glasses per person. We proudly stand as members of Wine in Moderation, showcasing our steadfast commitment to this cause.

A glass of Malbec wine with a stunning view of the sunset in the high-altitude vineyards of Terrazas de los Andes. We promote responsible consumption and our community's commitment to sustainability and mindful enjoyment.

Engaging our local communities

Mountain communities support

In response to Argentina's challenges, including rural school resource scarcity, adult education needs, and essential service deficits, we actively support our local communities. This support takes two forms: direct aid to children through educational programs and indirect assistance via financial contributions, working with consortia, foundations, and associations. Nearly two decades ago, in collaboration with Chandon Argentina, we initiated educational programs for mountain schools near our winery and vineyards to foster a better future.

Engaging our local communities


Educational Programs anually
Participating schools
Children involved per year

Empowering our people

Interdependent Safety Culture

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability centers on our employees' well-being and development. We strive to instill an interdependent safety culture and provide an optimal work environment. Our vision is zero workplace accidents, achieved through a comprehensive strategy focusing on performance excellence, cultural transformation, and leadership enhancement. Our governance team oversees strategy execution with performance reviews, weekly operations workshops, emergency plans, safety training, leadership programs, safety objectives, and achievement celebrations—all contributing to workplace safety and employee growth.

Empowering our people

CSR Internal program