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Grilled skirt steak with oriental-style sauce and squash mousseline

1 hour
2 hours, 10 min
3 hours, 10 min
Perfect foodpairing for
Parcel Los Cerezos - Malbec 2018
Serves 2


skirt steak
1.7 lb.
2 cloves
soy sauce
3.5 fl. oz.
grated fresh ginger
1 oz.
muscovado sugar
1.7 oz.
green onion
5.2 oz.
red onion
5.2 oz.
olive oil
7 fl. oz.
Hubbard squash
14 oz.
orange zest
1 unit
olive oil
smoked cheese
3.5 oz.
0.2 oz.
black pepper
0.1 oz.
  • Clean the skirt steak and marinate it with the garlic, sugar, soy sauce, ginger, olive oil and the chopped onions, pepper and salt (be careful with the amount of salt because the soy sauce is salty) for 30 min.
    Remove from the marinade.
  • Place on the grill and cook 5 min approx. on each side, it should be juicy.
  • In a pan, place the rest of the marinade and cook until the vegetables are cooked.
  • Cook the whole squash in the oven wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Once ready, remove the inside and make a puree with the smoked cheese, salt, pepper, orange zest and olive oil.
  • Serve the skirt steak with the reduction of the sauce on top and accompany with the squash mousseline. And a salad of microgreens and sprouts.