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Terrazas de los Andes

Altos del Plata : Altos del Plata

The fruit expression
Fruity. Spontaneous. Vibrant
Is the fruit expression of a single varietal grown at its ideal altitude in Mendoza. Grown at the foothills of the “Cordon del Plata”, a sub-range of the Andes, they transform the Estate’s altitude findings into fruity, fresh and vibrant wines.

Reserva : Reserva

The signature of Terrazas de los Andes
Consistent . Layered . Generous
Reserva is the signature style of Terrazas, a panorama picture of all our high elevation terroirs in Mendoza. It’s a consistent expression of each varietal, vintage after vintage.

Apelación de Origen : Apelación de Origen

The reflection of our Terroir
Pristine. Singular. Revealing
It reflects our best interpretation of the most outstanding Geographical Indications of Mendoza: Compuertas, Paraje Altamira and Chacayes. They reveal a very particular style and characteristics determined by the climate and soil conditions.

Grand : Grand

The fullest varietal expression
Textured. Complex. Rare
Grand is a rare wine, the epitome of our art of blending. It combines different facets found in different great own terroirs at the most exceptional winemaking Geographic Indications of Mendoza, resulting the deepest expression of each varietal.

Parcel : Parcel

The Malbec terroir’s journey
Scarce. Precise. Stunning
Our most precise Malbec’s terroir expression. Interprets with great precision and character, the specificity of certain individual plots, within our best Malbec vineyards, representing the personality of this unique terroirs.