Grand Chardonnay 2021

At the top of the world in Gualtallary, in Mendoza’s Uco Valley wine region, perch two of our most exceptional high-altitude vineyards. Their differing soils and elevations inspire the breadth of our Terrazas de los Andes Grand Chardonnay. The crispness of one mountain terroir marries with the mineral aromas of the other’s in transition to organic grapes, to bring this Mendoza Chardonnay a stunning freshness and complexity.
Award medal of Terrazas de los Andes Grand Chardonnay 2022 from The Global Chardonnay Masters GOLD medal for our outstanding white high-altitude wine from Mendoza Argentina
Aging potential
10 years
Alcohol level
Serve at
12°C - 50°F

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Tasting Notes

This white wine from Argentina offers elegant aromas of white and citrus fruit with notes of mountain herbs such as thyme and jarilla, providing complexity. The well-integrated oak adds subtle notes of vanilla and toffee. Its amazing acidity makes it long in the mouth and confirms the citrus profile. The unctuosity, from its aging on lees, and sucrosity vibrate in the palate long after drinking.
Textured, Complex, Elegant
  • Dry
  • Light
  • Creamy
Photo of a toast with white wine in the high-altitude vineyards of Terrazas de los Andes in Mendoza, Argentina.

Awards and recognitions

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How to pair Grand Chardonnay 2021

Food Pairing

Ideal to pair with white meat such as rabbit, game bird, smoked fish, seafood, Edam and Brie cheese.

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Born where the earth meets the sky, Terrazas de los Andes wines magically capture the elegance and freshness of the Andes in Argentina. Cultivated in unique terroirs, in harmony with the mountain life we guard, our high-altitude Argentinian wines are layered, yet surprisingly elegant and bright. Come and explore the wines of our breathtaking mountain world.
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